Thursday, October 07, 2004

I got reviewed, yea!

Overall I was given a positive review, so I'm not complaining. But I wouldn't be me if I didn't offer my response. Here's what The Reviewer had to say about my blog, followed by my comments.

Layout: 5/10 Standard but unspoiled by silly side bar graphics.

I haven't put any real effort into the layout, so this is fair.

Look and feel: 4/10 Some changes have been made to the template but to be honest it could do with some more Oxy-10 to remove those spots. Plus points for not stuffing up the side bar.

He's right. Those spots in the background are stupid. Maybe I'll replace them with something worth having, or just get rid of them all together. Or maybe I'll just leave them there because I'm lazy.

Wit and amusement: 9/10 Plentiful

That's right biatch

commentary: 8/10 I can not complain

That's also right biatch

Extra: 6/10 Tag-board, Heavy linkage care of blog linker and a bravenet affiliate link (+ Counter) but this is speckled with witty side comments which make for a good side bar flow

I might add some more extra's, but only if they are good. Once I have a loyal following I may decide to ditch bloglinker all together.

This interesting and frankly down-to-earth voice in the blog-o-sphere is a nice change and so, (whilst the pop-up that offended my browsing could definitely "shut-up"), the self-referential mock-brutalistic honesty is, at least, a healthy display of post-modern cynicism and, (in addition to being more openly mockingly-sarcastic than the reviewer), it is a refreshing change from the barrage of constant Americana-politic that has come my way in recent months.

Pop-up? That's probably from the Tag board, or one of the other stupid features I have on the sidebar. I never even knew there was a pop-up, because I browse with Mozilla Firefox. I very rarely see a pop-up, even when surfing for porn. IE is a piece of shit. So unless you like pieces of shit, I suggest you don't use it.


Blogger Benjamin Solah said...

Nice review, I agree, found ur blog tonight on blogexplosion and I've blogrolled u. nice blog

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