Monday, October 18, 2004

Arabs are too perfect for nightmares

Video scene gets Prince in trouble

So some stupid people are all pissed off because Prince has a depiction of an Arab-American girl blowing up an Airport.
The video for the song "Cinnamon Girl" shows the girl, played by 14-year-old Oscar nominee Keisha Castle-Hughes of the movie Whale Rider, facing harassment from schoolmates and witnessing racism in the wake of an attack that mirrors 9/11.

Steve Silberfarb, president of the Jewish Community Relations Council of Minnesota, said he applauds the anti-harassment message, but found a dream sequence in which the girl detonates a bomb at an airport disturbing.

"Even allowing for the right of an artist to express himself, I think it's misguided and offensive," Silberfarb said. "Her frustration is understandable. The violence is not."
So let me see if I understand this. It's OK to depict the great white American devils harassing an innocent girl. It's OK to depict Americans as ignorant assholes, with nothing better to do than go around ruining the world with their hateful racism. All of that is OK, but it's not OK to depict an Arab-American having a nightmare about blowing up an airport?


Blogger Benjamin Solah said...

I found your post racist, the West is becoming increasingly racist towards Muslims based on the fact that people think they are terrorists, a kid would never dream of this, it's false and misleading
however depicting American's harrassing a muslim girl for what happened in 9/11 is very true and a representation of what is happening in not only America but my country of Australia too. This video is countering the false stereotypes that the republican media increasingly churns out to create a society of xenophobes

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