Saturday, September 11, 2004

There is a large blue and orange list of links on the left hand side of this page powered by a site called bloglinker. Bloglinker is a handy way for bloggers to get traffic to their blog. Whenever I add a link to that list, a link to my site is automatically created on that site's list.

Unfortunately there is no good way to differentiate between the links I added to the list vs. the links that other bloggers added. I only bring this up because some really crappy sites add their link to my list. I could delete these links of course, but then those webmasters might delete my link from their page. I'm a traffic whore, what can I say?

Most of the sites that added their links so far haven't been that bad, and so I haven't said anything about them. Until now. A site called just added a link to my bloglinker list. It's so bad that I just can't help myself.

A 14-year-old boy put this site together. Unlike a lot of other 14-year-old boys, this one apparently has no nerd skills available to construct a simple web page. His "attempt" at a web page looks like the Geocites page creator puked all over my monitor.

I don't know whether the author added my link to his bloglinker list because he actually liked my site, or because he just wanted some traffic. Either way I don't really care. Anyone with a site that crappy should beware of linking to an asshole like me if they can't handle a little criticism.


Blogger Matt the Hat said...

There is a great trick that the category option allows you total control and compleate absence of crud sites without useing the auto hide feature and a person would have to actually look at your site to check (several times) to be sure if they were added.

Check out my Beautiful Talker Blog to see the article - it's in there somewhere and the working demo of how it can be done.

5:18 AM  

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