Friday, September 24, 2004

Don't Fear the Reefer.

Marijuana Smoker Beheads Two Women

This is a load of crap. This is some kind of anti-pot propaganda, and here's why.

First off, if he had "overdosed" on Marijuana, he would have been far too lethargic to go around loping off heads. Not only did he have the strength to cut her head off, but he also had enough energy to run from the police and avoid capture.

Second, Marijuana doesn't make you violent. It makes you hungry, sleepy, and slightly stupid. Most of all it makes you mellow. If drugs were the only reason this guy went crazy, then he must have been using something more than just Mary Jane.

Third, it is IMPOSIBLE to overdose on pot. No one has ever overdosed on pot in the history of the world, and no one ever will. This is a scientific fact. The blood can only absorb a certain amount of the chemical in weed that makes you high. After that it doesn't matter how much you smoke, it will have no further effect.

Forth, this guy was obviously mental. Anyone who paints song quotes all over his walls is a head case, no mater what they are smoking.

Fifth, Marijuana and hemp are not the same thing. Hemp is not an intoxicant.

Sixth, those stupid old bitches probably deserved it. I'm glad they are dead. Stupid bitches.


Blogger Matt the Hat said...

That has to be the most lazily written report I have ever read. While I am not exactly pro-weed I do belive that "profesional" reporters need to at least put togeather a report worth my time.

Please add to the crock of shite list that:
The report is badly written unstructured and non conclusive.
The writer fails to establish any real conection between his facts
The writer has no idea what (it) is ralking about
The report should have been given the spike and the reporter the sack.
The reporter spent too much time on a side issue and failed to bring home the horrific murder
The report is too short to deal with one issue so why did it try for two?
The reporter has made some wild assumptions that can not be backed up with facts (he can not claim the guy was high, low or somewhere between the two unless his blood is tested)
The dickhead who wrote the report could potential get his ass sued by this guy!

5:52 AM  

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