Thursday, September 16, 2004

CBS: Fair and Balanced

Everyone knows that George W Bush is a poster child for nepotism. So you might not think it all that surprising that the CBS news magazine 60 Minutes aired a story about how he used the political pull of daddy Bush to not only gain him a position in the Texas Air National Guard, but also to garner special treatment while he was there.

But CBS made the mistake of using some questionable documents as a focal point of their story, and now the stations credibility is being scrutinized more than W's shaky military record. Everyone is jumping up and down yelling "got ya" at the station, because their bias has been laid naked for all to see.

George Bush got where he is because of who is parents are. Anyone who disagrees with that is an idiot. Anyone who is shocked by it is also an idiot. But anyone who is surprised that CBS has an anti-republican bias is also an idiot. Since he was elected/appointed president, 60 Minutes has aired so many anti-Bush stories the show should be renamed "The Down with W Hour."

The stories might have been true, but that's beside the point. CBS is also the network that produced the highly unflattering made for TV movie "The Reagans." And did you see the Lesley Stahl interview with the 2 Johns and their wives? That episode should have been titled "Sycophant Fest 2004." The commercials should have said "Lesley Stahl Sucks John Kerry's Cock, While John Edwards Fucks Her Ass, next on 60 Minutes." Seriously it made me want to puke.

At least since the Watergate scandal, we've known that we can't trust the government. All the outrage over memogate makes me wonder, are we just now realizing that we can't trust the media?


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