Monday, August 30, 2004

Runner attacked by asshole

Irishman Gets Suspended Jail Term for Pushing Runner

The idea that crazy people should be locked up seems like an obvious one to me. If someone ran onto the middle of a racetrack during the middle of a car race, it seems only logical that he would be locked up and heavily medicated. Maybe that’s just another ignorant American ideology.

The more “enlightened” Europeans apparently didn’t see this guy as a danger to himself or others, and their failure to incarnate him basically cost this poor runner his gold medal. Meanwhile a Canadian with painted on his back “was sentenced to five months in prison for jumping off a springboard at the diving venue wearing a tutu over tights with blue polka dots.” So what, you can only avoid prison time if your lunacy costs someone their chance at a gold medal?

The worst part is that this guy still isn’t going to be locked up. His punishment is a lousy 3000 Euro fine, a 12 month suspended jail sentence, and a 3 month ban from entering any sports facilities. 3 months! Wow, I’m sure his apocalyptic madness will have subsided with in 3 months. He should try that shit during the Super Bowl and see how long it takes for someone to kick the crap out of him.


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