Sunday, July 11, 2004

Viva La Raza

Amnesty eyed for illegal aliens

Before I even get into this, let me just say that I intend to vote for John Kerry. I’m not too happy about it, but I really don’t see much choice. Bush is an utter failure as a president, and an embarrassment to our nation. He’s not even a real Republican. I point this out only because I previously made a negative comment about Michael Moore, and I was accused of being a moron.

That being said, its stories like this that make me wish there was a legitimate 3rd choice. I will vote Kerry because I think the country clearly needs a change in leadership, but that doesn’t mean I trust him. Why should I trust someone who would show such disregard for our laws just to please a voting block? The worst part is that Bush is doing the same thing.

"Out of common sense and fairness, our laws should allow willing workers to enter our country and fill jobs that Americans are not filling," George W. Bush
Ok. Well then how about offering amnesty to the millions of Americans who smoke pot, but somehow manage to remain gainfully employed? More than 20 million Americans have smoked pot in the last year. That could translate to a lot of votes, so why doesn’t anyone pander to the pothead constituency? As usual it’s all about the money.

First off, drug companies give a lot of money to politicians. They also employ legions of lobbyists to push their agenda. These companies don’t want a drug like pot, that can people can easily grow at home, to become legal. There is simply too much money involved for any politician to find enough balls to stand up to these corporations.

Politicians don’t want to make pot legal for the same reason they want to give a pass to illegal aliens. The agricultural and construction industries have lobbyists too, and they save a boatload of money on cheap illegal labor. It’s a win-win issue for politicians, because they can make the lobbyists happy, and secure more Hispanic votes at the same time.

I know the argument about how these people come here and do the jobs that no one else wants, but I think that is bullshit. There are plenty of Americans who would do those jobs. The only difference is that Americans would demand higher pay and benefits. It’s not that we are lazy; it’s just that we demand fair treatment.

This notion that Americans are the laziest people on the planet is ridiculous. Americans take less vacation days than any other industrialized nation, including Japan. The Japanese have a reputation for hard work and discipline, but on average they get 17.5 paid vacation days every year, compared to our 10.2. Even in China the people get 15 days of vacation by law. In the US there is no minimum amount of vacation required by law.
Not only do we take less vacation, but we also work more hours.

Offering amnesty to illegal immigrants sends a bad message. Why should anyone go through the proper channels to get here when they can just break the law and get away with it? And what about those who did it the right way? They come here for a better life too, and the fact that they respected our laws enough to do it legally shows that they are more likely to assimilate to the culture.

It’s easy to think of the poor hard working immigrant who risked his life crossing the desert to find employment in America. It’s easy to think about this immigrant and think, “why not give him or her amnesty?” But don’t forget that amnesty would also be giving a pass to all of those employers who were unscrupulous enough to hire illegal workers. Is it OK that these companies took advantage of immigrants? Is it Ok for them to provide poor working conditions and low wages? If you think about it like this, amnesty isn’t really about helping Latinos at all.


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