Monday, July 05, 2004

Show me the Money

This website is very interesting. It shows you how much money different corporations donate to different political parties. Some of the numbers might surprise you. Upon first glance it might seem like every corporation is supporting the Republicans. Everyone knows that the Republican Party has more money, and they are supposed to be a corporation’s best friend.

What I found most surprising is that Lockheed Martin, the infamous weapons manufacturer, gives more money to the Democrats than to the Republicans. Something else I found interesting, for those of you who believe in the right wing media conspiracy theory, is that nearly all of the media companies give more money Democrats. Fox news channel, of course, is one exception. The other is Clear Channel Communications, which is the radio empire responsible for all the right wing talk shows on AM radio.

So as far as the media goes, the Democrats have TV and movies, the Republicans have AM radio. So everyone can quit bitching about how all the news channels are in bed with the Republican Party.

All that aside, the thing you should be most concerned about is that BOTH parties are receiving huge amounts of money from all of these companies. If you look at the top 10 contributors for both parties you will notice there are 6 companies on both lists. In other words, no matter which side wins, they are indebted to giant corporations.


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