Sunday, July 04, 2004

Marine Loses his head

Abductors Claim Marine Beheaded

I would just like to take a moment here to praise the metrical that is the home video recorder. These extremists hate the west, but they don’t mind western technology when it suits their purpose. These tapes are being released more often than Stephen King books, and their effectiveness is beginning to weaken.

When the Nick Burg tape was released, everyone was shocked, and it was all over the media. Not as near as often as Abu Ghraib of course, but just enough that everyone could remember the guy’s name. Now they’ve churned out so many of these things that it seems like no one even cares anymore. We Americans have an amazing ability to ignore things like this, because we are not directly affected.

So it looks like they went ahead and lopped the marine’s head off, even though he was a fellow Muslim. But what you aren’t hearing a lot about is exactly how they managed to capture him in the first place. It seems that a US Marine would be a difficult person to kidnap, what with the big guns they tend to carry around and all. Well when they say that “the circumstances of his absence (during which he was abducted) are under investigation” what they really mean is that he appears to have been a deserter.

Where he a little less, shall we say “Christianally Challenged”, I’m sure the media would have been all over this little fact.


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