Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Bobo Bites the Big one

Questions Mount As Community Mourns Loss Of Tarzan's Tiger

Are these people insane? This jackass thinks it’s a good idea to keep a 600 lb wild animal in his backyard, and he’s shocked when it gets shot for wandering around town. Now all of his neighbors are saying that animal control is to blame. That’s like leaving your briefcase sitting on the ground next to a gas pump, driving off, and then expressing outrage when the bomb squad sends a robot in to tote it off and blow it up.

Do these people actually think that they should be allowed to keep giant jungle animals in the backyard? Just because you put something in a cage doesn’t make it a pet. Bobo is better of dead anyway.

I think this guy got a little too into character back when he was playing Tarzan. I hope one of his remaining felines bites his nads off.


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