Monday, June 28, 2004

Still cheaper than whiskey

Price of Gasoline Continues to Drop

So what? I’m supposed to be happy that the price has gone down by a lousy 7 cents a gallon? A price drop like this just means they are pacifying everyone in preparation for another jump. The prices will stay down for a few weeks, and everyone will say, thank goodness gas is only 1.90 per gallon. Then they will raise it back up to about 2.20, and everyone will be pissed off again. Then it will go back down to about 2.00 a gallon, and everyone will say, thank God we’re finally getting some relief. They’ve been doing this forever.

If we went to Iraq to take their oil, then why are the prices still going up? OPEC will use anything for an excuse to drive up the prices. Another terrorist bombing? Yup, that’s going to bring them up. A train derailed somewhere in Texas? Oh, that’s going to cost you. Your little brother Johnny just came out of the closet? Shit, we may have to start rationing.


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