Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Slow road to the draft

'Ready Reserve' Members to See Duty Overseas

I don’t care how they try to sugarcoat it, this doesn’t sound good. Using troops who are already in service to fight a war is one thing. Calling up people who thought they were done with service is entirely different.

Imagine you worked at some fast food place to help pay your way through college. Then you graduate, get a real job, and move on with your life. You think you’re done with the burger barn. Then one day the phone rings and your old manager is on the other end telling you that you HAVE to come back to work because there’s a horrible fry cook shortage.

I assume most of these people will have established a life outside of the military. So what happens to that life? What happens to their jobs, and wives, and children, and mortgage payments, and car payments, and credit card payments, and all that crap? Is the military going to pay them the same wages they would have been making at their civilian jobs? I doubt it.

It sounds to me like the Pentagon is dipping its toe in the waters of involuntary service, trying to gage how the public will react. And this story has been out for roughly 24 hours without seeing much coverage at all on the cable news channels. Instead I turn on Fox News, and what do I see? Laci Peterson. That’s right, Uncle Sam is raping the spirit of an all volunteer military, and they are talking about some stupid rich bitch who got herself murdered in California over a year ago.

I have only ever had one question about the Laci Peterson story, and in roughly a year and a half of relentless coverage it still hasn’t been answered. My question is why should I give a fuck about Laci Peterson? They have been treating this case like the OJ trial, but there’s a huge difference between the two. OJ was FAMOUS!!!! He was a pro football player, and he had been in TV and movies. What have Laci Peterson, or Scott Peterson for that matter, ever done to warrant this kind of concern? Nothing! Not a God Damn thing!

Laci Peterson is famous for being murdered. And She wasn’t drawn and quartered, or beaten to death by rabid midgets, or sodomized to death by aliens. It was just your everyday run of the mill murder. So why is Scott Peterson’s stupid fat face on my TV screen when the whole country is going to hell in a Prada handbag?

I figure they must be talking about this ridiculous murder case because it’s Fox News after all, and we all know how fair and balanced they are. So I switch to CNN, and what are they talking about? Why pornography of course, what else would a good liberal news station be talking about? If you were ever in doubt that the courts of this country are run by liberals, this story should clear it up for you. Can you honestly imagine any Republican voting to block “congress's latest effort to curb children's access to sexually explicit material on the Internet”?

Back here on planet Earth no one in their right mind believes adults are computer savvy enough to keep their 13-year-old son from finding online smut. What we are concerned with is whether or not our 13-year-old son will be drafted in 5 years. He might just be, if no one makes any noise about this first step in that direction.


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