Saturday, June 26, 2004

Rodney King Part Deux and 1/2

Officer may have feared man beaten during LAPD arrest was armed

What did I tell you? Read this line from the first article.

[Police Chief William] Bratton said Miller's minor injuries included a bruised cheek. He was treated at a hospital, released and remained jailed on $30,000 bail.
Now read first line to this follow up article.

A Los Angeles police officer caught on videotape pummeling a suspected car thief with a flashlight said he delivered the blows because another officer warned the man was carrying a gun, the Los Angeles Times reported Saturday.
“Pummeling,” sounds like a pretty harsh word. Are they trying to start another race riot? To make things worse, this guy’s scumbag lawyer is acting like his client was nearly beaten to death. Read this.
his lawyer argued that he should be released so he can receive medical treatment for any injuries suffered during the beating.
Miller complained of dizziness, difficulty breathing and a swollen nose, Werksman said.
"I can't underscore to you enough that this man needs to see a doctor," he said.
Yeah, he started complaining after he spoke with this lawyer. The guy was already taken to a hospital, and now they are acting like they just beat him for no reason and threw him in a jail cell without so much as a Band-Aid.

"I'm demanding an explanation," Mayor James K. Hahn said at a City Hall news conference Friday. "It better be a good one. It looks to me that force was unwarranted."
These cops are already being convicted, before anyone knows what happened.


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